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Comments from a reader:

I have just finished reading Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem. Two weeks ago my Rabbi told me that you cannot cure yourself until you know you are sick. I think you would call the same thing "awareness". Both the Rabbi and to a greater degree, your book, have not only made me aware, but I was on the path of rehabilitation before I had finished reading Chapter 1. I am 62 years old and have lived in the wilderness of low self esteem. Your book is the harbinger of change. Now I will read it again.

Thank you most sincerely,

David, Hollywood, Florida
(March 26, 2005)

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Dr. Sorensen considers her most important professional contributions to be not only her work on understanding the inner experience of those with low self-esteem, but also the incorporation of those insights into the development of a highly effective recovery program for low self-esteem.

She currently provides psychotherapy by Skype across the United States and presently in 15 other countries.

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72 Entries
geths Hilario 
Dec 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Sorensen,
The test is helpful and is brief and interesting.Scoring is simple. Please send me the validity and reliability of the tests. I am into a research and wud like to use your test. Thank you and God bless.

Anonymous From Norway 
Nov 10, 2013


To Marilyn and who else might read this,

I want to thank you Marilyn for saving my life. This is how I look at it, as I know I would be nowhere where I am today if it wasn't for you. If not for you, I would probably be stuck with frequent self-esteem-attacks robbing me of many social events, randomly ruining many interactions, and in total, preventing me from having a fulfilling life, including a good love-life.

I don’t feel that way at all today. Today, I feel quite confident. I rarely ever have self-esteem attacks, I do well socially, and I can even walk up to a woman on the street and strike up a conversation.

It’s quite amazing as Marilyn’s program seems so simple in concept, and almost obvious, but in the plethora of self-improvement-approaches and not knowing, it’s quite impossible to tell diamonds from rocks.

Marilyn’s method is in a nutshell identifying any distorted thought as it appears, rewrite it to what is actually true based on fact, truth or history (“Can I based on fact, truth or history say that what I told myself is true?”), and read it 5 times a day. That’s basically it! It’s oddly simple, but just as strangely effective.

The reason I believed in Marilyn was the way she described the Low self-esteem experience – it was just so spot on, it had to be right. She also said she had cured herself and hundreds of others, and that also gave security in that I should spend my time trying to recover focusing on self-esteem.

And last but not least, her method is systematic and you can sort of partially measure it. As a very structured person, I need this to feel secure that I am spending my time on the right thing – who wants to waste years of it? - and that I can somewhat forecast recovery or see where I need to go to get there. Years of psychoanalysis did nothing for me except a frustrated me and therapists.

To shortly shed some light on my story with Marilyn, I met her in the summer of 2008. I am from Norway and started therapy by email with Marilyn. Within 6 months, I was already quite a different person, focusing on her “Part 1 “ as I understand it, eliminating and replacing my many distorted thoughts. These days, I don’t have many distorted thoughts, and focus on “Part 2”, building social skills and interests (since we fall behind in life). Things are going quite well here. I will list my interests and social-skills areas I started after meeting Marilyn at the end for those who might be interested.

It’s been 5 years since I met Marilyn, and for those of you who consider starting therapy with Marilyn or any therapists that she has trained - do!

Lessons learned for me are:

  • I know you can improve a lot in 6 months if you do it – I did – and this is such an improvement that already here, you’ll feel, “Wow, this is great”
  • After a year of hard work you should be quite recovered
  •  I am sure therapy in person is the best, but I did it by Skype and it has also been great. We started doing email, but Skype is so much better, that Marilyn doesn't offer it anymore as she knows a dialog is so much more effective than email.
  • Don’t get out of therapy just because you feel quite good. Step down gradually, because there could be blind-spots, and Marilyn or her associates will see you, where you are. I wasted a bit of time here thinking I was done with all of it

I think that is it.

Thanks Marilyn, I will never forget.


Some of the biggest social skill-building and Interests I did since starting therapy:

  • Joined and singing on an amazing choir, belonging to an amazing group of people there. Met my closest friends there.
  • Generally, small talk with people at supermarkets or wherever I want to
  • Inviting people to have dinners, do things
  • Did hang gliding for a year
  • Took two amazing dating-courses, one focusing on nighttime and the other one on daytime, and continue to learn more and more of those good-value-based skills, building a lot of confidence
  • Will try golf the coming spring

July 30, 2013

Firstly I would like to thank you for writing the book "Breaking the chain of low Self-Esteem" It is my bible. Your book has helped me immensely in ways I cannot put into words. It has surely changed my life. I'm not to good with words so this email probably does not do justice to how grateful I am to you. I hope one day that I will start skype sessions with you as I an Australian who just moved to another country in Europe.

July 22, 2013

I wanted to let you know how comforting and healing your book has brought to my life. I read it religiously and has allowed me to discover what I have been suffering with for what is probably a good portion of my life.  I never knew that I had LSE.  I fall into the severe to moderate catagory and never considerd that this was in fact my problem.  I came across your  book on accident but obviously was meant to be.  I thought you should know once again how helpful your book is.  It is helping save myself and my family.  I hope I can meet you or even talk to you at some point.  I really hope you get this email.

Sept 28, 2012

Thanks! Your site has very interesting content.
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