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Comments from a reader:

I have just finished reading Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem. Two weeks ago my Rabbi told me that you cannot cure yourself until you know you are sick. I think you would call the same thing "awareness". Both the Rabbi and to a greater degree, your book, have not only made me aware, but I was on the path of rehabilitation before I had finished reading Chapter 1. I am 62 years old and have lived in the wilderness of low self esteem. Your book is the harbinger of change. Now I will read it again.

Thank you most sincerely,

David, Hollywood, Florida
(March 26, 2005)

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Dr. Sorensen considers her most important professional contributions to be not only her work on understanding the inner experience of those with low self-esteem, but also the incorporation of those insights into the development of a highly effective recovery program for low self-esteem.

She currently provides psychotherapy by Skype across the United States and presently in 15 other countries.

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72 Entries
Rachel DeWitt 
April 17, 2014

I've had these kind of low self-esteem issues since childhood. My parents were divorced when I was young. I never felt good enough. I still don't feel good enough. My sisters have a similar issue. My husband has always tried to help me but he and his family just make it worse. I am a Mom now and I find these issues interfering with being a good parent. I would like to learn more about low self-esteem and how it can effect people around me including my child. 

Bilen Tewabe 
April 12, 2014

Dear Dr. Sorensen, How are you?
My name is Bilen Tewabe, I live in Addis Ababa the capital city of
Ethiopia which is found in east Africa. I am MA of social work student
and now working my thesis on the topic of low self-esteem among
student with disability. I read your book "Breaking the Chain of Low
Self-Esteem" it gave me a great knowledge and remarkable idea, it's
not only for my thesis it's also for my own life; that is why I wrote
this message for you. I really thank you.

God bless you!

Best regards!

R.M. from Scotland 
April 12, 2014

Hello Marilyn. I have just finished reading your book, Breaking the Chain of LSE. First of all thank you for your research and insight into this complex issue.
 I am 46 years old and have suffered from bouts of depression, lack of motivation and general underachievement for most of my life. Until recently I just accepted this as my own failing and lack of character. Wanting to do something to change my life I started on a path of research to try and determine why I was this way and did other people have similar problems.
  Looking through various types of depression none seemed to 'fit the bill' until I read about the condition known as dysthymia. I am sure that through your work you have come across this and therefore I shouldn't waste your time explaining what it is. However the symptoms and characteristics of this ailment appeared to be pretty well what I suffered from.
  Reading further I realised that the basis of dysthymia (and perhaps other forms of depression) was an unusually low opinion of ones worth and value.  This led me to your work which I would like to read more of.
 Do you think there is a direct connection with dysthymia and LSE and is there a 'chicken and egg' thing going here; basically does one thing inevitably lead to another. If I could get to the root cause of my unhappiness and anxiety I could perhaps start to change things for the better.
  I hope that my question is of some relevance and would like to hear your opinion.
 Thank you

April 12, 2014

Hi Marilyn
1st i would like to thank you for your amazing work.
i didnt find untill today anything that describe my feelings
better than in your book and i am very happy i found it
although i am still in the 2nd chapter.

 i am trying to find out what are my values.
i found out that this is very difficult to me to find from a list
of 400 values what are my top 10 values.

i feel that its hard for me to know who i am and what are my preference,
i feel that LSE derived from this feelings mostly that you dont know exactly
who you are and what you like so its very easy in most cases not to know
what to answer or what to say and than you lose your confidence because its the
assurance that you cant deal with situations.

i hope i will feel better when ill finish the books.

thank you

Feb 17, 2014

 I am 32 years old and after having a complete mental break down due to the ending of my extremely dysfunctional 8 year relationship I was somehow lead to an ACA 12 step recovery group. Which I believe saved my life. I am currently in step 3 of my program and improving little by little every day. I am at least stable sleeping eating and able to work again. I love my program and truly believe i will have a spiritual awakening because of it, but when I found your website I honestly felt like the missing piece of my puzzle just slotted in. I became very emotional because I have been living an absolute train wreck of a life and I really needed something to give, something to click. I've only read over the information on your website but so much of it describes me, I just feel relief, relief that I can recover from this hell and still have enough time to have a family meet a and enjoy life.  J from Australia
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